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Denver based Interior Design firm.  Specialists in new construction, remodeling, space planning, color consultation, staging, unique materials selection, sourcing.  We have the training and the expertise to plan, schedule and execute commercial and residential projects from start to finish.  We offer a complimentary initial consu

Color Consultation


Choosing color has as much to do with light, scale, architecture,  materials and furnishings.  It is important to consider all these as you launch into a new project.   When I do a color consultation, I pay attention to your personal preferences as much as the lighting, surfaces, amount of windows, type of window treatment, ceilings and floors in a room.  I can help you use color to define a space, shift focus, enhance a particular wall.  I can also help with room to room color scheme, so that they can flow seamlessly. With the right color in your project, you can create more intimate spaces, confine and balance bold color, change the scale of a room.  At Savignon Interiors, we understand that every room in your house is an opportunity for color.  Each room can be given it's character by the color selected.  A kitchen can feel very different from a child's room.  Color can be the most important part of your room.  Picking that color can seem overwhelming when given thousands of choices.  Choosing the perfect color is a science.  We are trained in color theory and color consultation.  Let us take the guesswork out of color selection, so you can enjoy the beautiful results worry free. Savignon Interiors helps you create the perfect color combinations for the colors you choose.  We make it easy-even fun- to find the colors you are looking for.

Right after deciding what your room is for and how you want the room to feel, you may consider contacting us to help you add your own personal style.  We do this by identifying great colors for you.

We provide Design services through out the Denver Metropolitan Area.  Please contact us  at (925) 872-9710 for information.